New Advent Teaching Series: MOSAIC

Title Slide_MOSAICJoin us on Sunday mornings as we enter into the Season of Advent, the preparation for the celebration of the coming of Jesus Christ into this world. In celebration, we’ve started a new teaching series called MOSAIC | Transformational Truths of a Brilliant Savior. It’s a Bible exposition through the 4 gospels of Jesus according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. All 4 gospels are unique in their authorship, literary emphases, and audience; and yet, all 4 have an unmistakable passion to spread the story of Jesus Christ. This Christmas, we’re going to journey through the beginnings of all the gospels in order to more fully grasp the whole picture of who Jesus Christ is and what he means for us.

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New Teaching Series | Real Forgiveness

Title-Slide_Real-ForgivenessWe’ve just launched a new teaching series called “Real Forgiveness.” ‘Real’ as in we don’t want to do another simplistic, cliche-filled series to tell you “forgive & forget, 70×7, Jesus did it, so can you.” We want to dig deeper into forgiveness from God’s Word and the transformative work of His Holy Spirit and breathe it into real life stories and real hurts involved with real people.

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Advent Conspiracy 2013

front of children's [AC] box!Merry Christmas! Yes, it’s early, but GVBC has been on a mission to turn Christmas upside-down. It’s called the Advent Conspiracy, and we want you to conspire with us this Christmas and turn Christ into something that is much less a consumerist holiday and much more an ushering of Christ’s presence into our world–a presence which loves, heals, brings justice and restores this world. So, spend less cash on presents and give more presence to them! Then, take the cash you would’ve spent and give it to charities that are really making a big difference for Christ. Here at GVBC, we are embarking on two projects for next year:

1. Give Hope: We’re beefing up our partnership with Rifu Oasis Church in Japan, a church that, nearly 3 years after the Japan Tsunami, continues to restore, minister, and bring the presence of Jesus to its devastated community.
2. Give Water: We’re working with our long-term missionaries in a village in Thailand to send a team of workers from GVBC to help build a clean water system for the village community. Clean water provides far more than just water, but opens the doors to better health, higher education, and stronger income for the community.

Pick up your Advent Conspiracy Boxes in the GVBC Narthex! Bring it back to service with you on Christmas Sunday, December 22 where we will give a united offering of praise and thanksgiving this Christmas season.

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New Sunday Worship Series | The Word Became Flesh

We’re starting off this 2013 year with a Bible Exposition in the Gospel of John 1-4:42. In the past, we’ve used an exegetical process of Bible study (historical/cultural study, literary features, lexical work, etc.). This time, we will be training our church family to use an inductive Bible study method (building general principles of life and transformation from out specific details of the text itself). This inductive study looks something like this:
1. Be Curious (hunger for God’s Voice to speak to you, explore the text, ask questions)
2. Pay Attention to Details (look at the content, the context, and the connections)
3. Be Transformed (how do you respond, what can you do to live this out)

Our goal here in John is 2-fold: we are equipping our church’s followers of Jesus Christ to be…
1) Self-Feeders: Christian disciples who regularly consume the Word of God for themselves by training us with the inductive Bible study method.
2) Reproducers: Christian disciples who share the good news of Jesus Christ with others by learning how John starts off sharing about who Jesus is in his gospel.

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Advent Conspiracy 2012

Join the Conspiracy to turn Christmas upside down. In a world where Christmas is all about spending, spending, spending, we’re in a movement to save Christmas from all the consumerism and make it something that truly celebrates Jesus Christ and his presence with us. We want Christmas to be a season of healing, restoration, and love. This year, we’re taking on 3 projects to do just that:

1. Give Water | Build Clean Water Wells in Rwanda: Now in our 3rd year, we are one of the top 7 churches in the nation to partner with charity:water, an organization devoted to building clean water wells in impoverished nations. Dirty water is the number one killer of children globally in our world today. Visit GVBC’s campaign website. (Goal: $22,500)

2. Give Food | Feed the homeless in Gardena
: For several years now, we have partnered with St. John’s Lutheran, a local church, to provide hot meals for the homeless right here in our community through our Neighborhood Ministry. Many members from GVBC volunteer to cook, serve, and clean on a weekly basis. Recently, they’ve experienced some changes in leadership and funding, but we want to continue to resource this effort. (Goal: $5,000)

3. Give Hope | Tsunami Relief Efforts in Japan: GVBC has a unique partnership with Rifu Oasis Church in Sendai, Japan. Their community was devastated by the Tsunami, but they continue to try and rebuild and restore their people to this day. They help with food and supply distribution, job training, and even looking after children lost their parents in the Tsunami. In the coming years, we are going to build this long-term relationship and help give hope to our global friends in Japan. (Goal: $22,500)

So pick a donation box in the Church Narthe, visit our Church Website, and begin to think about how you will reshape the Christmas for you and your family! We will be collecting all the boxes on Christmas Sunday Service, December 23, 2012. Join the conspiracy with us and let’s breathe Christ back into Christmas.

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