New Sunday Worship Series | The Word Became Flesh

We’re starting off this 2013 year with a Bible Exposition in the Gospel of John 1-4:42. In the past, we’ve used an exegetical process of Bible study (historical/cultural study, literary features, lexical work, etc.). This time, we will be training our church family to use an inductive Bible study method (building general principles of life and transformation from out specific details of the text itself). This inductive study looks something like this:
1. Be Curious (hunger for God’s Voice to speak to you, explore the text, ask questions)
2. Pay Attention to Details (look at the content, the context, and the connections)
3. Be Transformed (how do you respond, what can you do to live this out)

Our goal here in John is 2-fold: we are equipping our church’s followers of Jesus Christ to be…
1) Self-Feeders: Christian disciples who regularly consume the Word of God for themselves by training us with the inductive Bible study method.
2) Reproducers: Christian disciples who share the good news of Jesus Christ with others by learning how John starts off sharing about who Jesus is in his gospel.

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