For March 11, 18, and 25, we’re starting up a new teaching series focusing in our relationship with God. Typically, a teaching series will challenge us to change in some way–to be more loving, to be more humble, to be more generous….This is a unique series in that we’re not challenged to change, we’re challenged to go deeper in relationship with He who changes us. God is working, God is moving, God is speaking, it’s our job to tune our lives to the right frequency to be able to know His presence in our lives and hear what He is saying to us.

As a crucial aspect of this series, we would like everyone to take the Sacred Pathways test. It comes from Gary Thomas’ Sacred Pathways, which challenges to widen our typically narrow understanding of who God is. Join us beginning this Sunday morning in a 3-part series that will cause us to go deeper in our life with God.

Worship Ministry


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