We’re ALL called to be missionaries!

This past Missions Sunday has challenged the typical view of missions: traveling to some violent, spear-throwing tribe in some unknown African jungle far away from home to spread the good news of Jesus. We learned that, really, we’re all missionaries. We can all be involved in missions in six different ways:
1. Learn: Read about countries or people groups that interest you. Read missionary biographies. Take a class like Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.
2. Pray: Prayer is one of the most important tasks in undertaking any work of God. Start a prayer group or sign up to receive prayer letters from missionaries or missions organizations to pray for people in different countries everyday.
3. Go: Go on a short-term missions trip, or use your profession to share Christ with the nations. God can use you no matter your location or vocation!
4. Send: This can be more than just financially supporting a missionary. Join a missionary’s support team. Send care packages. Encourage missionaries by sending a letter, e-mailing, calling, Skype, or even visit in person. You can go to lunch with missionaries when they come to speak at GVBC after 2nd Service.
5. Welcome: The world sends their best and brightest to the U.S. to study. Join or form a ministry to international students. Or you can host students for dinner and bring the nations into your home.
6. Mobilize: Volunteer with a missions organization, advocate for a people group or cause, or invite people to an internationally focused class or event.

People and Organizations we currently support through GVBC:
Foreign Missions
Phil, Corenne, Marc and Isabella Garrison-Smith–American Baptist Churches, Brazil
Egla Tingson–Christian Aid, Philippines
Fred and Jane Tanaka–Child Evangelism, Japan
Michael, Chris and Luke Mason–Japanese Evangelical Missions Society, Japan
Ken and Diane Kudo-OC International Ministries, Brazil
Jim and Leta Van Meter–Paraclete
Sheryl Silzer–Wycliffe Bible Translators
Minako Fujimoto–JEMS
Short Term Missions Project–GVBC
Short Term Missions Project–Mexico Outreach Missions

Care and Hospitality
Discretionary Account–Missions
Discretionary Emergency Support Christmas Gifts

Missions Education and Training
Urbana Student Missions Conference
Conference/Seminars – Missions
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Home Missions
L.A. Baptist Missions Society–ABC
Church Plant Pastors’ Medical–ABC
Asian American Christian Counseling Service–JEMS
Nikkei Help Line–Little Tokyo Service Center
Tommy Dyo–Campus Crusade for Christ
Erin Kawaye–OMF International
Dan Lim–International Students
Cyril Nishimoto–Iwa
Church Federation–Nichigo Missions
CityLights Community Church

GVBC Missions Ministry


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