Sunday Teaching Series: 1 Peter

We hope you’ve been blessed going through the book of 1 Peter with us as a church body. It’s an engaging letter that’s trying to answer the question: “How then shall we live?” for the Early Church. It begs us to ask ourselves too: “How then will we live?” As followers of Jesus Christ, what kind of impact will we make on society? Will we make any at all? Loving God and loving our neighbors involves everything about us: from the clothes we wear to the phones we buy to the neighborhood we live in to the people we associate with to how we lead and guide our families.

Looking ahead, what 1 Peter is doing is setting up the necessary theological underpinnings for our upcoming Fall and Christmas 2011 season. We will be taking a 40-Day All-Church journey through Richard Stearns’ Hole in the Gospel and revisiting the Advent Conspiracy once again trying to get this Christmas to be a season that is truly driven by Christ’s mission through us. Ultimately, our goal for GVBC is that we become a church that loves our neighbors in such a powerful way that they can’t deny the good news of Jesus Christ.

If you’d like to follow along with us an iPad or a Tablet PC, download the manuscript here. If you missed a message, the sermons are free and online.

We’re looking forward to our journey ahead together!

GVBC Worship Ministry


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